Airtec DPM impactor

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Diesel particulate matter (DPM) impactor for elemental carbon analysis by NIOSH 5040

Sampling equipment that meets the requirements of NIOSH 5040 or MSHA specifications for sampling Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM)

The DPM Cassette
Other cassettes may meet NIOSH Method 5040 specifications for the collection of diesel particulate, but only the SKC DPM Cassette separates diesel particulate matter (DPM) from other respirable dust (such as coal dust) based on particle size. The precision-jeweled impactor and impaction substrate, loaded into a streamlined, single-use cassette, screens out and retains respirable particles > 1.0 µm aerodynamic diameter. Particles less than 1.0 µm are collected on a heat-treated low carbon quartz filter. Samples are analyzed for organic and elemental carbon content using a highly sensitive Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) technique with thermal-optical analyzer as specified in NIOSH Method 5040.

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