Personal multi-gas detector – Rattler T40 II

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Protect workers in hazardous environments with the T40 II RattlerTM.  The T40 II RattlerTM is a compact, lightweight, and robust Portable Single Gas Monitor with rapid sensor response time so workers can better take action during dangerous situations.  And the available T-Dock™ accessory offers automated management and ultra-fast bump testing for 8 instruments simultaneously.

A Robust, Reliable, and Flexible Portable Single Gas Monitor

Trust the gas detector that understands the importance of time and accuracy in dangerous situations. The T40 II RattlerTM  has a sub 10s T90 sensor response time that informs workers immediately if hazards arise.


Sub 10s T90 sensor response to better inform team of hazards.

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Endure the harshest conditions thanks to an IP68 rating.


Get two-year run time with a replaceable battery that eliminates the need for a charging station.

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Gas type

CO 0-1000ppm, CO 0-2000ppm, H2S 0-100ppm, H2S 0-200ppm, H2S 0-500ppm, O2 0-30%


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