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50 years of Airflo Dynamics

Airflo Dynamics is bringing together progressive and leading technologies in air quality control. Established in 1972, we are committed to uncompromised air quality in every working environment.

Now over 50 years old and steered by increasingly stringent health and safety regulations and legislation, we’re here to respond to your urgent needs, quickly, reliably and responsibly. 

If you’re called on to take measures to meet an immediate need with regards to air quality, or you are planning maintenance or remedial works that will create dust or fumes, or need to improve air quality to maintain the productivity of your workforce or processes, then Airflo Dynamics is your response team.

Corporate Social Responsibility and

Environmental sustainability

Almost every industry is having to respond to the escalating demands on technology and infrastructure in an increasingly sustainable way. Airflo Dynamics supports and promotes this environmental commitment with the products and services that we offer.

Who we're working with

Customer comments

From our long experience, Airflo is a knowledgeable, practical and innovative company. Service and solutions focused, they do what it takes to make it happen

Depot Manager

Plant Hire Company

A big thank you to the Airflo team for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a ventilation system which performed flawlessly throughout our recent project

Project Manager

Mining Engineers

Recommending Airflo to everyone! Absolutely first class service and really friendly staff. Nothing is too much bother and when they make a promise they keep to it.

Sales Engineer

Ventilation Engineers

History in pictures


Born and bred at the heart of the Selby coalfield, Power Tools and Equipment (later PTE Plant Co) serving mining and construction for 45 years


A specialist rental division, called Air Dry Services, establishes in London for the rental of dehumidification and dust control equipment


Air Dry Services renames as Airflo Envirorental to reflect the now much broader range of climate control equipment and services


Airflo Envirorental headquarters in Doncaster relocates to new premises to facilitate growth and development opportunities


The group negotiates a sale for the plant division, PTE Plant Co, and invests in Airflo and the development of air quality management on site


The company forges great relations with HSE to support industry amidst tightening regulations on occupational exposure and air quality


Company rebrands as Airflo Dynamics and merges with MAXVAC Group bringing greater diversity in air quality management solutions