Real-time Silica Monitor – Trolex Air XS

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The world’s first real-time detector for respirable crystalline silica

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The world’s first real-time detector for respirable crystalline silica

Air XS examines multiple detection parameters for RCS in real time, including size, symmetry, and a series of optical markers unique to RCS particles. It simultaneously deploys optical refraction technology with light-scatter photometry, analysing every particle sampled and classifying them by their identifiable optical properties. In this way, Air XS captures all forms of RCS whether alpha or beta quartz, cristobalite, tridymite, and all relevant sizes of particulate within the respiratory fraction. This information is then combined with an analysis of particle mass to give results in mg/m³ and particles per litre.

Our Breathe high-speed scatter/sizing/crystallinity detection algorithm processes the results in real time and triggers a triple-voting system that positively identifies and distinguishes harmful silica content. The result: Accurate, robust, real-time reporting in an easy to use and easy to maintain product.

This is what others are saying

The Trolex Air XS is simple to install and use. The mobility of the unit allows us to gather information from right across our site for various products. The flexibility of viewing data in real time next to the plant has helped with both employee and management engagement regarding RCS exposure. The information that the Trolex Air XS produces has been invaluable in managing our air extraction system across our site. It helps us make informed decisions to ensure that we continue to decrease our employees’ exposure to RCS. It also allows the business to make instant decisions based on the data to ensure everyone is protected and that we invest in the right areas.” Mike Thompson | QHSE Supervisor | Pennine Aggregates Ltd.

“The benefit of real-time RCS monitoring for us is ensuring that all our controls are working at their highest level to ensure the safety of our workers and contractors […] and when we make capital expenditure decisions, we can ensure we target the expenditure on the things that will have the biggest effect on RCS control.” Aurelien Colas | Unit Manager | Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group.


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