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Safe use of electric heaters

Answers to 5 commonly asked questions

1. If you’re using a 110V power supply, a 3KW electric heater draws over 27 Amps – you should use a 32A plug and connector on at least a 4mm2 cable

2. Be aware of the effects and damages of voltage drop – for a 110V, 4mm2 cable drawing up to 32A, 20 metres is the maximum length you should be using – if you increase the cable size to 6mm2 you can safely extend to 32 metres – anything beyond these lengths is risking power loss and damage

3. Don’t be put off if the air from a fan heater doesn’t feel as hot as your domestic fan heater – industrial fan heaters use higher powered fans to give a greater airflow through the heater, which gives better air circulation and faster warm-up time, although the air may not feel as hot

4. Infra-red radiant heaters don’t heat air – they only heat what the light falls on – ideal for heating persons or drying plaster but not for warming up a room

5. Just because there’s no naked flame, electric heaters are not suitable for use in hazardous areas unless they have the appropriate certifications and approvals, which will be clearly marked. If there is any doubt, don’t!

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